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Dee Snider's, of Twisted Sister fame, radio show from the early 2000 decade. Dee's other projects include Strangeland, SMFs, Widowmaker, House of Hair, Fangoria Radio, Van Helsing's Curse & March of Dimes Bikers for Babies. Presented by RSS Feed URL

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Dee Snider Radio June 12 2001

Father’s Day, vacation plans, Dee day promo, Glam Slam, web casts, instant messaging argument, drugs, recap of; arousing art, favorite movie catch phrases. King of the Ring promo, nice airports, song parody to Turn the Page, power outage storm, terrorists, money needed to raise a child, believing in supernatural, breast implants in teens, smoking pot, killed by helicopter, dumb hookers, giant food, roll over, reading the paper while driving, toe lost to Kimono dragon, Rose O’Donnell, top movies of the week, D-mail, D-day promo, Sagen Zie Vas game (Psycho Dan loses it and gets mad), response to the song parody, death penalty, favorite sound bites, King of The Ring question, Bailey family, hostages, Godzilla meat, novel of Saddam Hussein, lotto, teeth whiteners, shark found with human remains inside it, rather have someone eaten by shark or just left you discussion, oldest person, guy stuck under truck, male organs in cold weather, Jennifer Lopez pregnant, Madonna condoms, Survivor contestants, D-day promo, Snide remark, D-mail, 5 things you would never hear Sean say, Sean in Army, what we learned today. Keyworded by metal kitten.