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The #destinytruthcast is a Destiny Podcast created by the bungie.net #feedback community to discuss all things Destiny that affect our in-game experience. When we started this, the idea was to give the everyday player a chance to do something special and have their voice heard by the rest of the community. Going in I had hopes for what it could be, but even I never imagined the way in which it has humanized our forum experience as we meet new Guardians and get to know the voices behind the names.


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#destinytruthcast Episode 5: April Update Reveal Part 2

In this episode of the #destinytruthcast, we discuss the second twitch reveal for the upcoming April update. We also have another first this episode with our two guests this week, Wraith13 and RavenousLD3341, joining us from Playstation. We managed to put the console wars aside and discuss the new gear, chroma, sterling treasure and rep and whether or not this update constitutes Destiny crossing over into pay-to-win territory. As always we thank you for listening and appreciate any feedback you'd like to leave. -Lost Sols Theme song: Convince Us by Swell off the album Whenever You're Ready