#destinytruthcast: A Destiny Podcast


The #destinytruthcast is a Destiny Podcast created by the bungie.net #feedback community to discuss all things Destiny that affect our in-game experience. When we started this, the idea was to give the everyday player a chance to do something special and have their voice heard by the rest of the community. Going in I had hopes for what it could be, but even I never imagined the way in which it has humanized our forum experience as we meet new Guardians and get to know the voices behind the names.


#destinytruthcast: A Destiny Podcast navigateright Episode

Episode 66: Dynamite with a Laser Beam

Welcome to episode 66 of the destinytruthcast. This week we are joined by shackleshotgun to talk a little Destiny 2 :) theme song'' Days Come Go'': written, performed and recorded by Lost Sols