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Episode 109: Tesseract - Discography Discussion

Are you ready to listen to Geoff fanboy out to one of his favorite albums of the last 15 years? I hope so because this one is all about joining Geoff in his dare I say atmosphere??!. Tesseract is a progressive metal powerhouse with a heavy dose of djent. Enjoy my friends. #discussmetal #Tesseract

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Album of the week
Dan - Vader “Necropolis”
Joe - Powerman 5000 “Transform”
Geoff - Tesseract “Altered State”

Tesseract Episode Playlist:

  1. Acceptance - Concealing Fate, Pt. 1

  2. The Impossible - Concealing Fate, Pt. 3

  3. Of Matter - Proxy

  4. Of Matter - Retrospect

  5. Of Matter - Resist

  6. Of Mind - Nocturne

  7. Dystopia

  8. Hexes

  9. Survival

  10. Luminary

  11. King

  12. Juno

  13. Smile