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What do highly successful people actually do to succeed? For 41 years as entrepreneur, inventor, author and coach, Don Hutcheson has experienced and studied the proven career-building strategies that people around the world have used for decades to create lives of success, satisfaction and freedom. Monday and Wednesday he interviews individuals from every career category and profession of every age and background. They share their real-world experiences and insights—what worked, what didn’t, and why—and any advice they might offer to help you jump-start your life and career to the next level. Every Friday Don chats with top experts in the fields of business and personal development who offer tools and insights for every stage of your journey. Select recorded interviews here: Interview Don on your podcast, radio show or other media: [email protected]


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Title: 865. Re-evaluating Her Zone of Genius to Build Her Ultimate Business

865. Re-evaluating Her Zone of Genius to Build Her Ultimate Business

April 6th, 2020

Jennifer Allwood has built her business in phases into what she considers a dream life. It all began with her fascination with HGTV, her love of decorating,… Go to Episode

864. A Day in the Life–What's It Really Like to be a Clinical Psychologist

April 3rd, 2020

Dr. Lara Fielding is a Los Angeles based clinical psychologist and author of "Mastering Adulthood: Go Beyond Adulting to Become and Emotional Grownup."… Go to Episode

863. A Winding Path from Accountant to Wellness Clinician

March 31st, 2020

Laurie Warren, a Master of Science in Nutrition, realized that if she wanted to help people with their physical problems, she had to start talking about… Go to Episode

862. A Day in the Life–What's It Really Like to Be a Cartographer

March 27th, 2020

Hans van der Maarel is a professional cartographer from The Netherlands. He runs his own business, Red Geographics, and is a partner in another company,… Go to Episode