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2020 Law Firm Marketing Plan

This is the marketing plan for those who don’t have a marketing plan. It’s a simple plan. It’s a plan that works. There are no radical ideas. The tactics are proven. This law firm marketing plan will take a newbie from zero to three hundred thousand in the first year. It will also take a million-dollar practice to a much higher level. Follow this plan and you’ll get results. In fact, the only way you won’t get results is if you ignore my prescription. But here's the catch, reading the plan is not enough. Following the plan is the only way it works. I talk to lawyers on an almost daily basis who say they love what I do, have read everything I've written, and are ready to super-charge their marketing, but can't figure out why revenue isn't where they want it to be. To a person, the issue is that they simply aren't doing the things in the plan. Only you can decide whether you’re committed to your financial success. I’ll show you the way, but I can’t set the alarm, roll you out of bed, or make the coffee. You’ve got to be the driver on this journey.