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Some of the best conversations I've ever had have taken place while running with others. Over the course of several miles, the conversations are allowed to flow freely and cover a variety of topics.

And that's what I try to do with my podcast.


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Title: 786 Kate White Is Going The Distance To Help Inspire Change

786 Kate White Is Going The Distance To Help Inspire Change

November 10th, 2019

Kate White started running after getting connected with Team in Training. After a few races, she had a baby and kind of drifted away from the sport. But… Go to Episode

785 QT: Having the Right Soft Tissue Recovery Tools for the Job is Helpful

November 7th, 2019

How many things in life are one-size-fits-all? Not too many! At least not as far as I can tell. When it comes to doing the kind of soft tissue work that… Go to Episode

784 Morgan Hawkins Is A Relatable Coach That Values The Run Experience

November 3rd, 2019

Morgan Hawkins is someone that I could talk to for days! Morgan is a running coach, and she shares some great tips during our chat that any runner can… Go to Episode

783 QT: 6 Suggestions for Racing in the Rain

October 31st, 2019

We would all love to have perfect weather on race day, but that seems to be more the exception than the rule. What should you do as a runner when the… Go to Episode