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This podcast features the hottest new tunes in underground house. Each episode features over an hour of foot stompin' tracks from around the globe. Enjoy!!


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Episode 75: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 4: Take A Breath (February 2016)

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Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!! 1. Erik Bo & Wallas- You're The Star 2. Funkyloco- SLow & Sexy (Jazzy Eyewear Mix) 3. Juxtapozishin & B.Jinx- Freaks In The Streets 4. DeezBootz- Sweet Sweet Love 5. 4Peace- Stompin' Grounds 6. Stranger Danger- Make Me Smile 7. Chanson E- Come Back 8. Inland Knights- On Da Beat 9. Nick Castillo- Now 10. Pezzner- Seventy-Six 11. Craig Hamilton- Sensi Star Cuts (See You Around) 12. DJ Homewrecker- New World In My View 13. DJ Homewrecker- New World In My View (Saison Mix) 14. J Caprice- Don't Feed Into This (Vocal Edit) 15. Opolopo & Sacha Williamson- Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner's Swingset Version) 16. Maurice Tamraz- Malevolent 17. Jazzamplers- The Meeting 18. Joey Youngman- Jerry Curls 19. Harry Llama- All The Way Live 20. Juan Chousa- Grooving 21. Joss Moog- Smith 22. Inland Knights- I Think Of You 23. Hapkido- Whatever You Say 24. Kenyon Ricardo- Nic's Groove (Vocal Mix) 25. Corduroy Mavericks- Lezduit