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Ten minutes, 1 idea, at least 1 step forward! Small incremental steps that result in massive and sustainable business growth -- that's Ten-1-1! Ten-1-1 is a revolutionary somewhat renegade approach towards truly sustainable business success. Most businesses can't maintain real meaningful growth, they attempt to go for the home run all the time, or they get frustrated and quit due to the difficulty. I want better for you. I want you to succeed! For more resources check out www.tedsmithcpa.com/ten-1-1

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Whats The One Thing You Should Be Working On?

Small business owners wear many hats....working on various aspects of their business.  I've found that there is one very important aspect of a small business owners day that is neglected.  This Ten-1-1 discusses this one thing and when you get this one thing right....it will make a huge difference to your business success.