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A weekly podcast that examines an event that happened this day, over a few beers and a dinner to suite.


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Episode 2.44 1/13/17 - Behind Bars Band - That In Black Bastard

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They called him the Undertaker. Would have been a fine nom de plume if he were a professional wrestler, or a hit man maybe, but John didn’t have quite so violent a career path. He always wore black clothes, as he thought the were easier to keep clean while travelling. Not necessarily the soundest of reasoning, black shows dust like nobody's business, but I guess he thought he could just brush it off. John like to cultivate a miscreant persona, a outlaw man for outlaw ment. He didn’t spend any time in prison himself, but did get a couple over nighers in jail. Once crossing the border he was tagged and searched as a suspected heroin smuggler. The narcs misjudged that one and only found eleven hundred pills (a mix of barbiturates and amphetamines). Stupid prescription drugs didn’t get you any kind of sentence at all back in those days. Another time he started a forest fire in a National park, destroying over 500 acres of forest and driving off the local endangered condors.. But Johnny didn’t give a damn about those damn yellow buzzards.