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Episode 2.44 1/13/17 - Wanna See A Convention? - Those Nazi Bastards

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On this historic day, we were reminded of a concert in Des Moines on January 20 1982, thirty five years ago today. Ozzy was in full character, and high as a damn kite most like, and some fan tossed what looked to Ozzy to be a toy bat on stage. Ozzy had already had an incident with biting the heads off of doves and thought this would be a cute gag. Of course, it wasn’t a toy bat, it was a real live dead bat, and when Ozzy bit it’s head off, it’s teeth bit him back. He was rushed to the hospital for rabies shots. One crazy train indeed. But we were talking about Nazis. In the early forties, after the invasion of Poland, the annexed territory was just crawling with jews. The German Jew population was mostly under control. The marriage laws has been in place for years, and voluntary emigration had significantly lowered the population. But not a lot of Jews had fled Poland in advance of the invasion, and emigration was not a viable long term solution in light of Hitler’s end game.