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Tired of getting little or no salary raises? Feel trapped with no career advancement or career growth. Larry Stevenson and Sue Looney share the most current and the most proven methods for impressing management of your value and return on investment.

Each week we share a tip, a website, book, or other tool to earn the biggest raises and the best promotions.

You don't have to implement every tip, but listen each week to discover the right ones for you to get the salary raises or job promotions you want.

These career tools will improve your job satisfaction and career advancement.


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Thank Your Bosses and Co-workers, and How to Find

Find wage and salary information for your state. Use salary information to earn the biggest salary raises and get the best promotions and project assignments. Also thank your boss and co-workers for their help, support, and association. Look for specific things they do. Express gratitude sincerely. Share little gifts and thank you cards.