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Everything About Reality Recaps Reality TV Several Times a Week! The Podcast started out on YouTube for 2 Reality TV Seasons, then moved to Audio ONLY. Podcasts can be found on 12 Different Audio ONLY platforms which can be found on his website on the Podcasts page. Chris recaps Survivor, Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother US, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada & Music CMT on the Audio ONLY! For COMPLETE schedule of Podcasts being posted up, please check the website for schedule: www.chrisbontheweb.com

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Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 7- Week 2, Sunday RECAP & Live Feeds [03-12-2019]

Recapping and talking about the 3rd episode of Big Brother Canada 7 from Sunday night, who wins HOH and who is put onto the block. We also talk live feeds which will contain some spoilers towards the end of the episode.