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Everything About Reality Recaps Reality TV Several Times a Week! The Podcast can be found on 13 different Audio ONLY Platforms which can be found on his website. Chris recaps Survivor, Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother US, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada & Music CMT on the Audio ONLY. For COMPLETE schedule of Podcasts being posted up, please check the website for schedule: www.chrisbontheweb.com

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Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother US 21- Week 1 RECAP Podcast [07-03-2019]

Talking about and recapping Big Brother US 21, including the order of who plays the Wacktivity comps and who wins the first wacktivity comp. Also we find out who is put up on the block, who wins the power of veto. Of course we find out who is evicted from the house. Finally we found out the evicted houseguest will not be going home and still living in the house in a separate cabin for 6 - 7 weeks and a comp to get back into the game.