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50. Everything Business Consulting – Celebrating 50 Episodes

Today is our 50th Podcast so we have decided to do something special to mark the occasion.

If you are not yet a ConsultX member then as a special incentive, we have a 50th Episode offer... I am offering all new ConsultX subscribers a 1 hour personal coaching session. I will assist you to set off in the right direction, and plan a course to achieve your individual personal and business goals.

ConsultX is an online program designed to train you to become a Business Consultant or as we call you in our network a Business Success Partner where you own and operate your own consulting business using our tools and application.

Get out of the gridlock and the drudgery of employment and be your own boss working with your own Clients whilst having a great income and lifestyle.

This week I want to talk about some of the benefits you can enjoy by becoming a Business Success Partner in the ConsultX network.

Visit https://www.consultx.com/ for more information and to receive complete show notes for all of our podcast episodes.


We are on a Mission to empower Business Consultants, Coaches and Advisors across the globe. We assist them to help struggling Business Owners get the advice and support they need.

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