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Our Mission -AAU Youth Magazine is to motivate our youth to define their vision and create greater opportunities to help them meet their destiny. The focus of the magazine is to help them establish a true relationship with their purpose and to encourage and nurture a loving relationship of “self” to allow them to explore and develop a greater respect for the person they are seeking to become.


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All About Us Radio/Real Brain Talk w/ Dr. Renee Charles

Hello my name is Dr. Renee D. Charles, I am a Brain Ambassador & Neuro Coach and I want to welcome you to my new show "BRAIN AMBASSADOR & NEURO-COACH W/ Dr. Renee Charles on All About Us Radio on Thursday @ 6:00PM/EST

Topic: Managing emotions of depression, loss and anxiety during the convid 19 pandemic. 

Are you stressed out “STAYING HOME”? Not being able to work, not being able to go outside other than getting the #essentials for your needs? Are you stressed out “HOME SCHOOLING”?

 Dr Renee Charles will answer your questions call in 516-666-8424.