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Broadcast from the FNTSY studio at Rock & Reilly's Sports Bar in Midtown Manhattan, "Fantasy Freestyle" analyzes the news of the week and its impact on fantasy sports. Over hip-hop beats, your host SPEEDZ always brings the energy and analysis listeners have come to expect. The show breaks down headlines and gives fantasy/gambling analysis to help you "Win your league and Win that Cash"! Expect witty wordplay as SPEEDZ previews and reacts to the latest action and engages with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher. SPEEDZ calls his shots with guests, listeners, and audience members in a format that puts the FUN back in Functional Sports Radio.


Fantasy Freestyle navigateright Episode

2/20: NFL news and notes, NFL schedule changes, #BuzzAltuve, and more...

Dane Martinez opens his show talking with Producer Alex Faz about the return of Ben Roethisberger. Speedz discusses how the new NFL schedule, 1 more regular season game and 2 more playoff teams, will positively affect the NFL, and fantasy football. Dane looks at the odds for which team will draft Tua in the upcoming draft. Dane devises a plan for the Stats Over Beats Cypher to get revenge on the Astros. Learn more about your ad-choices at