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The Fear Central Podcast is about all aspects of the horror genre from literature to movies and TV and video games, we talk about it all. Our mission is to provide our fellow horror fans with amazing content from all aspects of the horror genre through all types of media, including audio, video, imagery, text and more. Enjoy the show and as always, Stay Scared! RSS Feed URL

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Title: 5.04 - Creature Features

4.12 - Movie Experiences

June 16th, 2019

With the increasing amount of technology over the years, this week we discuss the movie watching experience from smart phone to theater and everything… Go to Episode

4.11 - Random Quizzes

June 4th, 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances, 2019 continues to be a thorn in our side, therefore we have decided to have a fun carefree show, and this week are taking… Go to Episode

4.10 - Possession

May 18th, 2019

From such titles that start with "The Possession of..." to "The Exorcism of.." we take on Possession themed horror this week. Also, we are seeking your… Go to Episode

4.09 - Movie Magic Special Effects

April 27th, 2019

Since the inception of film people have been fascinated by the effects that have gone into the making of film. So, this week we discuss the movie magic… Go to Episode