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Fear the Walking Dead is examining new characters and locations in Robert Kirkman's undead apocalypse, and now the Fear the Walking Deadcast is available in the Two True Freaks main feed at last. Produced by Scott McGregor, Fear the Walking Deadcast will do a weekly recap of every episode todate with commentary and fun discussion by Scott and other veteran podcasters like Brian and Beth Hughes, Sara Tonin and Professor Alan Middleton. Plus we welcome any other moldy corpses that should happen to shamble upon our Skype call. This podcast will include the episodes recorded as Five Minute Freaks and in Mindless Drivel, all assembled in one nice zombie proof stronghold for you. So gather your fellow survivors and join us weekly on the Two True Freaks network.


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The Walking Dead Season Eight Episode Eleven

In this recap for episode eleven of season eight we spend some quality time with Daryl and the Swamp People (Great name for a band. Im trademarking that shit). Tara is grumpy that Dwight is still breathing, Daryl agrees, but sees his usefulness, Rosita is indifferent and Dwight is like: “Just kill me already. Please. Youre boring me to death”. Meanwhile its the blind leading the stupid as Father Gabriel and Doctor Namenotimportant are searching for antibiotics and signs from God. Negan has a chat with Eugene and is enthralled by his “Trailer Park Fortune Cookie” (Trademarked Brian Hughes) wisdom which inspires him to set up the plot for a future episode. Maggie shows up for a second, Gregory whines and Carol and Morgan are psycho sitting for young Henry. So bring your wader for the trip through the Dead Marshes (Trademarked JRR Tolkien) and dont forget to NEVER LET THE GUY WHO IS FUCKING BLIND TRY TO READ THINGS (unless its all in caps), on your Fear the Walking Deadcast.