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Fear the Walking Dead is examining new characters and locations in Robert Kirkman's undead apocalypse, and now the Fear the Walking Deadcast is available in the Two True Freaks main feed at last. Produced by Scott McGregor, Fear the Walking Deadcast will do a weekly recap of every episode todate with commentary and fun discussion by Scott and other veteran podcasters like Brian and Beth Hughes, Sara Tonin and Professor Alan Middleton. Plus we welcome any other moldy corpses that should happen to shamble upon our Skype call. This podcast will include the episodes recorded as Five Minute Freaks and in Mindless Drivel, all assembled in one nice zombie proof stronghold for you. So gather your fellow survivors and join us weekly on the Two True Freaks network.


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The Walking Dead Season Eight Episode Nine

Your Fear the Walking Deadcast has returned! Short a couple survivors this week, we cover the season eight midseason return with Scott, Mike and live laugh track Tina. Its the big Carl sendoff show and for the first time this show is without a comic roadmap. Carl writes some letters has some future fantasies, says his goodbyes and everybody cries, but fear not, theres action aplenty as well. Ezekiel is chilling with Gavin awaiting Negans bat, but terminators Carol and Morgan are on the rescue mission. Henry the future serial killer makes an appearance and Carol and Morgan get worst teacher of the year awards. Mike and Scott also make predictions for our ongoing uncertain future and we celebrate that Mikey Z is now a fully vetted reader of the comics. All out war continues as does the battle to find things we still love on your Fear the Walking Deadcast.