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Welcome to Flatline 2 Beatline… a platform that showcases pagan business owners, authors, artists of various sorts, tarot readers and content creators. 

 If you are wondering why I created this podcast, it is quite simple. Time and time again I see pagans, witches, heathens, druids, luciferians, and satanists who are diligently and vigorously trying to get their name out there with little to no success. I wanted to create a soapbox if you will, that showcased these individuals and allow them to promote themselves and their products and/or services. In addition, I will be interviewing pagans who have become successful so that they may discuss what it took for them to succeed.

 As for myself, I am a traditional witch embarking upon the Norse path. I am a hard polytheist and a small business owner. I am the owner of Shaydes of Tarot and creator & host of this podcast. So I, too, know what it is like to sacrifice and pursue every avenue in order to get my business noticed.

 I hope you will consider donating by clicking on the link in the show notes so that this lifeline to so many can continue on and prosper.

 Blessed Be



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