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The FlipNerd real estate investing podcast brings you access to expert real estate investors and other awesome entrepreneurs such as: Matt Theriault (of Epic Real Estate), Bill Tan, Larry Muck, Andrew Waite (Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine), Bill Bronchick, Charles Dobens, Ray higdon, Jeremy Veldman, Jean Norton (Rehabbing Remotely), Clint Coons (Anderson Advisors), Jason Medley (Collective Genius), Cory Boatright, Tony Alvarez, Kathy Fetke (Real Wealth Network), Shaun McCloskey (Lifeonaire), Joe McCall (real estate investing mastery), Vena Jones-cox (the RE Goddess), Ross Hamilton (Connected Investors), Larry Goins, Sensei Gilliland (Black Belt Investors), Greg Rand (own America), Lou Brown (Street Smart Investor), Brad Sumrok, Dave Lindahl, Kent Clothier, Linda Pliagas (Realty 411), Sam Sadat, Jason Wojo, Matt Andrews (Real Estate Freedom), and many more. We host the most successful experts in every facet of real estate investing, from single family to multi family, wholesa


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REI Secret #516 Content Creation for Real Estate Investors

Today I have my buddy Josh Culler to talk about content creation for real estate investors. We're really big on content creation and sharing our message with others. We're coming up on show 600, and we've created over 1500 podcasts in total. As real estate investors, you should be creating content to share and build relationships with your sellers and that's what we are going to talk about today!

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