Flowdreaming with Summer McStravick


Take a listen to the #1 oldest continuous self-development podcast: Flowdreaming—now in its 12th year! Hosted by Summer McStravick, creator of HayHouseRadio, Flowdreaming is an odyssey into your own self-development.

Explore the limits of your inner potential, and learn to understand and work with the subtle energies (the Flow) of the Universe.

Every episode is a jewel brimming with new ideas that push you to look at yourself and your life differently through the lens of Flow.

Wake up every day feeling that your life is a work of art that shaped hour by hour through your intention and belief. Flowdreaming peels back your world and shows you who you are.

Join host Summer McStravick as she helps you up-level your life with this powerful philosophy and her laser-like insight into your Flow.


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Title: #607: Where Tiny Steps Can Lead

#607: Where Tiny Steps Can Lead

June 11th, 2019

Flow is all about shifting and flowing in the right direction. It’s about micro steps and tiny choices. The biggest mountains can be moved with a shovel….if… Go to Episode

#606: The Real Reason We Procrastinate or Avoid

June 4th, 2019

Avoidance…aversion…procrastination...denial. What happens when you’ve created certain no-go zones in your life and Flow? Take a look at the energy… Go to Episode

#444: Going Big: Totally Scared of Success (Rebroadcast)

May 28th, 2019

I want it! But I’m scared of what people will think! I’m scared of being powerful, and rich, and SEEN! Does this sound like you? Do you think it’s… Go to Episode

#605: Five Ways to Feel Better Right Now

May 21st, 2019

Lousy day? Lousy week? How do you shift energy so you get out of the everything-is-icky rut? I share my five go-to’s for changing my energy instantly.… Go to Episode