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For The Players is a show made by The PopCulturists that tackles all things PlayStation.
Whether it be reviews, previews, hands-on, or latest news, For The Players - The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast is the BEST place in Australia for your PS content.

Have a question PlayStation or gaming related you want Ryan and Josh to discuss? Head on over to and submit away. You can always comment below too!

With over 40 years combined #PlayStation gaming and over 5 years in games coverage, Ryan and Josh felt that they would be perfect to throw their hats in the ring and join the greater PlayStation discussion. This weekly show will allow us to discuss the ins and outs of Sony’s hardware, software, and relationships.

Many thanks to PlayStation Australia, OneGreenBean, and the many other publishers and PR teams for their continued support of For The Players: The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast. Their support of the show allow us to get hands on with games, early access, event invites, and many things we require to make this the show that it is.

Feel free to add the guys on PSN: Ryan - BETSON Josh - Microcuts88

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For The Players - The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast navigateright Episode

GTA VI – Leaks, News, & Rumours | For The Players – The PopCulturists’ PlayStation Podcast EP137

Grand Theft Auto V is literally the biggest piece of entertainment EVER…. but when is the next one? As soon as GTA V dropped people were instantly clamouring for a sequel. So with any hyped and in demand title, everyone is scouring for any information they can. In this weeks episode Ryan and Max deep […]