Ford Galaxy of Stories


Ford Galaxy, Classic FM and The Times Online are delighted to bring you a brand new and enchanting series, for all the family to enjoy. Richard E Grant, Alistair McGowan, Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, Harry Enfield and many more will be reading classic children?s stories and bring them to life in their own unique way.


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Ford Galaxy of Stories - The Golden Goose

There was magical land where once upon a time there lived a Golden Goose. It was so beautifully, temptingly golden that people couldn't resist trying to pluck one of its exquisite features. But as soon as they touched the bird they became stuck – there was quickly a long line of people all stuck together. A young man, who many thought wasn't the brightest in the town, was the only person who could help. However, before he could become the hero of this tale, there were many other challenges he had to complete. Starring Harry Enfield.