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Wheat and tares

So many people have been raised in the church but not raised in Christ, that the very call to holiness is like venom to them. People are more concerned with their feelings than the truth. They go through the motions of love and will often use terms like I’m not trying to be rude, I’m not trying to be hypocritical, etc etc. Google has demonetized our videos, please consider donating to the ministry or sign up for a subscription on for the latest news as it relates to Christians and the world You can also get a membership to our Bible Study classes on, you can watch exclusive videos and take notes all in the member area! You can donate safely and securely by visiting our website or PayPal at For prayer please text (973)-512-2326 Join the most active Christian Social Media Network Follow us on SocialCross: Twitter: @WFCChurch Instagram: WFC_Church YouTube: