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They tell you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. At Freedom's Wings Radio Network we do! Your home for common sense in politics and the supernatural! The Freedom's Wings Show airs Tues & Thurs 6-8pm ET and Sat 2-4pm ET and features conservative libertarian irreverent political analysis of the news and the New World Order. Winner of the 2011 & 2012 Red State Talk Radio Excellence In Broadcasting Award!


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The Eagle Has Landed on Freedom's Wings Tuesday

The Eagle has landed so to say. Today marks the final two hour show. We've had a good run and made our mark on the landscape, but now it is time to move on to other things. The fight has not ended, just moved to different venues where real change is more possible. What will it take for America to restore herself? Will it take an ultimate crash? Can we make more of a difference leaving the world of politics and interacting with the man on the street who is uninformed and doesn't realize what hangs in the balance? We'll discuss this as well as have open lines. Please join us as we celebrate five years of Freedom Flights! Thank you for all the support!!
Conservative libertarian irreverent commentary on the current events in news and politics with a whole lot of pulling back the curtain to reveal the "wizards" behind it all!