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With each new guest co-host and episode I bring those inexperienced with VR into the industry fold. Learning from their new experiences in VR. Exploring all the great applications there are to offer them and the endless possibilities my guest co-host have to experience immersive new worlds.


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E012 Art Creation in VR Part 2 with PomPomBetty (Jasmine Nicole)

Back again with part 2 of Art Creation in VR with talented sketch artist PomPomBetty (Jasmine Nicole). This episode we explore the our thoughts about creativity and artistic style. How these ideas relate to each other and inform our personal artist development in the creative process. PomPomBetty brings her style of sketching to life in the start of her first full tilt brush piece. We expand on her personal Tilt Brush experience and how new dimensions of creativity are opened up through the use of VR art tools and resources. Shout out to www.artivive.com for the becoming a point of discussion about AR Art.