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With each new guest co-host and episode I bring those inexperienced with VR into the industry fold. Learning from their new experiences in VR. Exploring all the great applications there are to offer them and the endless possibilities my guest co-host have to experience immersive new worlds.


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E014 VR with Pauly

Episode 14 is a is just getting into talking to my buddy Pauly about VR and giving him his first full scale VR experience. We hang out have some drinks getting into some gaming experiences. He talk about his experience working with me on the recently pasted VR Art Exhibit. What is it was like for him to help expose new crowds of people to VR and what it was like for him personally. In the VR Playbreak Pauly takes on A-Tech Cybernetic by X-Real Games and Fallout 4 VR by Bethesda Game Studios.