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Some of the most notorious Ex-Gang members that ever lived share their stories of transgression and redemption to give parents a tool to recognize warning signs, educate and inform those trapped, and to wake up those who don't know. This six-part podcast features interviews from the soon to be released documentary film "Gang Life to Gods Life" co-produced by GrindNet Media and Phyrst Mpulse Multimedia. I'll sit down with the director/producer Vince Edwards (GrindNet Media) and we'll share stories about the production, what inspired him to make the documentary, and interviews with notorious Ex-Gang members: Cle "Bone" Sloan, Art "Conejo" Blajos, and Alfonso "Big Al" Aceves, just to name a few! Their testimonies are as real and raw as their lives.

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The G2G Podcast (Right by might)- Episode 02

We're back for week two of the G2G Podcast! This six-part serial is based on interviews from the upcoming documentary film "Gang Life To Gods Life". Join Vince and I this week as we take a deeper look at how important being part of the hood is, being respected and to "carry a name". Featuring some of the most notorious gangsters in Southern California history. There stories are real and raw.  

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