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I am a Freedom and Empowerment Coach, Infinity Healer, Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Writer. I offer a free 20 minute discovery session on my website: I help people transform their lives into love, peace and joy by reprogramming their minds. I am committed to teaching you how to fully connect with your Higher Self, regardless of your religious orientation, release energies that seem to be blocking you in all areas of your life, identify and reprogram old beliefs, behaviors and vibratory impulses that seem to sabotage your efforts. I'll answer your questions so that you can begin to create new realities in your life. Realities that match your life's purpose. I feel that everyone should be able to create a life of love, joy, peace and abundance! So if you are looking for true answers to the questions you have about your life, relationships, finances, health, etc. then leave me a message at 405-261-9612 of [email protected] I will be honored to help you find joy. I also have a fan page on Facebook where I post messages from angels.


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Healing Hands by Shashona 9/2/20

Shashona Pelletier is an Emotion Code Healer, Angel Communicator and Reiki Practioner. She is doing a deep energy work on each caller to help everyon release their fears about life and who we really are.

She will be tapping into the energy of each caller to bring more freedom and light into their lives.

The work that Shashona does is beautifully facilitated and people experience an uplifting shift in their vibration, perception, and experience regenerated wellness.

Call in to this one hour show and experience the amazing healing energies as all are welcome in this sacred space.

You can sign up for a one hour session with Shashona and change your life with the Emotion Code!  A session is only $120, or you can have multiple sessions for as little as $30 each when you pay for the whole group. Call Shashona Pelletier at 780-707-1657.

Please visit her page on Facebook....Healing Hands By Shashona