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Girlskill is a bi-weekly podcast that provides women with the inspiration, tools and resources to embrace their wild, feminine nature so that they can live life of freedom, joy and creativity by fully stepping into their female power. On every episode you will hear inspiring conversations with real women from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, fashion designers, artists, stay at home moms, career junkies and many others. These women share their views on success and femininity as well as their challenges & struggles, wins and proudest moments together with lessons learned along the way. Our conversations are raw, vulnerable, explicit at times, and simply hilarious. You’ll get inspired and motivated to go forward. To simply breathe. To be heard and understood. To realize that it’s all going to be okay. That we’re all in this together. You’ll learn more about feminine energy, our wild nature and understand how to embrace it. Conversation by conversation, episode by episode.


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Title: 2-Year Anniversary, Interviews with Men, Updates & What to Expect with Anna Rova

2-Year Anniversary, Interviews with Men, Updates & What to Expect with Anna Rova

November 18th, 2019

Hello lady, This month Girlskill Podcast has celebrated 2 years and is about to hit 100,000 downloads!  All thanks to you! In this episode, I share the… Go to Episode

#128: The Lost Art of Being a Queen with Gina DeVee

November 14th, 2019

"Gina DeVee, founder of Divine Living, is a leading women’s empowerment and business coach with a global clientele and a rare 20 years’ experience… Go to Episode

Why a 50/50 Relationship Doesn’t Work & Won’t Make You Happy with Anna Rova

November 11th, 2019

This episode is based on one of my popular Medium posts "Why a 50/50 Relationship Doesn’t Work & Won’t Make You Happy." Here is what I talk about:… Go to Episode

#127: Reinstating the Collective Feminine/Masculine Balance with Helen Jacobs

November 7th, 2019

Helen Jacobs is an author, psychic, and mentor who works with purpose-driven individuals and groups seeking guidance in their search for meaning and purpose.… Go to Episode