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Doug Stephan, along with Dr. Ken Kronhaus and Dr. Jack Stockwell, review the latest peer-reviewed and alternative health news and take listener calls.


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05/14/19 - Dr. Jack Stockwell - What Do Cold Sores, Heat Stroke & Restless Legs Have In Common?

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell, Phone: 866-867-5070 talk about trusting your body to clear itself of toxins during Allergy Season. Next, find out what Cold Sores, Heat Stroke and Restless Legs have in common, and what to do about it. Then, Dr. Jack has news about trends in Stem Cell treatment. It's probably time for you to look into the Keto Diet. It uses Fats as fuel for your body, instead of Sugars. Plus, lots more information about maintaining your Good Health.