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GDH - Jack - Be Aware of FDA Black Box Warnings!

05/20/20 - Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell, Phone: 866-867-5070 discuss the new Infrared Thermometers and Dr. Jack helps Doug figure it out. Dr. Jack says that he prefers the old Mercury Bulb Thermometers that you just pop under your tongue. Dr. Jack then suggests that President Trump needs more accurate statistical data to help with figuring out our strategy. The supplement of the week is Min-Tran. It's all natural and six of them before you go to bed will help you relax and fall asleep. They both discuss how the statistics from the CDC on Coronavirus are both confusing and misleading and stimulate fear. There's news that COVID19 test machine from Abbott Laboratories has a very high rate of inaccuracy. Then, Dr. Jack explains what an FDA Black Box Warning is and how we should treat it. Plus, lots more great ideas and tips to help you maintain your Good Health.