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Doug Stephan, along with Dr. Ken Kronhaus and Dr. Jack Stockwell, review the latest peer-reviewed and alternative health news and take listener calls.


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GDH - Ken - What We Really Know About How Coronavirus Spreads

05/22/20 - Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus of Lake Cardiology (352-735-1400) begin by quoting shocking facts about the Suicide rise since Coronavirus. Then, a look at what we really know about how COVID19 spreads. Madema has announced the beginning of second round testing for Coronavirus Vaccine. Emergency Room Heart Attack incidents have declined by 50%, due to fear of becoming exposed to COVID19. In case you didn't already know, obesity is a leading risk factor for contracting severe Coronavirus. Do you know about Kawasaki Disease? Then, Dr. Ken addresses the question about whether-or-not to have PSA testing. Plus, lots more great tips and ideas to help you maintain your Good Health.