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Welcome to the Great Escape Radio with Lori Allen, where you’ll meet everyday people who broke out of their regular jobs and opted for an exciting life of getting paid to travel. Come along for the ride as we learn about breaking into travel writing, photography, import-export, and other exciting ways you can see the world and make an income with very little set-up.


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How to Mine For Your Leads

That the great secret of creativity. You treat ideas like cats: you make them follow you.”—Ray Bradbury

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry and Great Escape Publishing Director, Lori Allen share some of the advantages of attending a live event.

In recent podcasts, Jody has spoken with Tracey Minkin, Travel Editor for Coastal Living magazine. He has also shared portions of her presentations from the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Austin, Texas last September. You’ll find one of those previous episodes with her here.

Great Escape Publishing’s most successful members are those who attend live events. Lori shares why live events are so helpful…

“It’s the power of a group—doing things in a group is motivating. And it’s also the creative spark that can ignite from a comment made by one of the presenters like Tracey.”

Jody shares a small portion of one of Tracey’s presentations about finding your story lede where she gives us the four questions we should always ask ourselves when we’re out in the field traveling and reporting to find that perfect story lede.

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