Grit 'n' Grace: Good Girls Breaking Bad Rules


Grit ‘n’ Grace is refreshment for women worn out from following bad rules, working to keep everybody else happy, and overextending their time and emotions. Through interviews with insightful and inspiring guests, Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll will help you to:
· Recalculate your journey from our culture’s bad rules to your own Jesus-made path.
· Overcome error terror as you commit to learning from failure.
· Replace the exhaustion of self-made goodness with the rest of God’s grace.
· Discern whose input to invite and whose feedback to forget.
· Leverage the strength of your emotions instead of either ignoring or being ruled by them.


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Title: Episode #151: Grit 'n' Grace Live from Lake Geneva, Part 1

Episode #156: Pull the Plug on Habits That Hold You Back

June 23rd, 2019

How can you shed an old label? When you're facing conflict, is there a way to handle it besides faking fine or ghosting? If you're tired of the worn out… Go to Episode

Episode #155: When Failure Becomes the Best Thing Not the Worst

June 19th, 2019

Okay... maybe failure isn't the best thing, but it's definitely not the worst! Amy and Cheri discuss the upsides of failure (their second-most-dreaded… Go to Episode

Episode #154: How to Overcome the Fear of Change

June 11th, 2019

Most of us live in the tension between suffocating pressures and the fear of change. We want to live differently, but we're running-on-empty, unsure of… Go to Episode

Episode #153: A Grit 'n' Grace Treasure of Celebrations and Surprises

June 2nd, 2019

Cue the drumroll, please... this is the both the third anniversary of Grit 'n' Grace and the launch episode for Cheri & Amy's new book, Exhale! (Party… Go to Episode