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“Growth Journeys” is a podcast series from TCV, one of the largest growth equity firms, which has been backing private and public technology companies since 1995. Listen to founders, CEOs and other innovators as they unpack the lessons and patterns from their personal and professional journeys in building and scaling high-growth businesses to category leadership.
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Citizen Safety: How Rave is Transforming Emergency Communication for Business, Education, and Government -- A conversation with Todd Piett, CEO of Rave Mobile Safety, and Kapil Venkatachalam, General Partner at TCV

Todd Piett joined a start-up called Rave Wireless to lead marketing and, on his way to becoming CEO in 2017, helped the company pivot from higher education communications to mobile safety applications. Now called Rave Mobile Safety, the company posted its tenth straight year of revenue growth in 2020, driven by innovative apps for smart 911 service, school panic buttons, and emergency alerts on corporate campuses. Todd is an articulate proponent of the principle that safety is a human right, which government and other large organizations have a duty to ensure. In this Growth Journeys podcast, Todd and TCV GP Kapil Venkatachalam discuss the evolution of “citizen safety,” how Rave successfully changed its business model, and how the company is innovating to bring modern communications to a traditional customer base.