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My name is Guido van der Meulen, and married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen.
My love for Lounge Music started about 12 years ago, during a vacation on the island of Bali.
While I was there, I bought a Chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to...


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Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0300 Desert Flower (20171201)

The 300thrd GLC Mix I called this one "Desert Flower", because this Mix is full of eclectic tracks, some are known, some are not. I hope that by now, I inspired a lot of listeners to the Chillout-world. The world that I love so dear... 00:00 Intro - Intro 00:51 Mareekmia aka Igor Markov - Valley of desire 04:13 Velvet Lounge Project - How Far, How Long 07:54 Jp-Juice - Space odysee 11:25 ID3 Feat. Soundmouse - Window Seat 17:06 De-Phazz - Plastic Love Memory (No. Nine) 21:42 Al Rea - Flowers in the Desert 25:57 Jonas Lores - Bali (Original Mix) 30:45 Peace Orchestra - 10 35:12 Mo'Horizons - Princec Charles latest affair 40:21 St. Germain - Montego Bay Spleen 45:49 Paul Schwartz - Sviraj (Lullabye) 51:10 Schiller featuring Jael - Tried (one-album version) 55:41 Pete Range - Aprils Promise 57:42 Gordon Geco - Eye in the sky Kind regards Guido Check out:… Intro - Intro voice over by Bruce Buege Mareekmia aka Igor Markov - Valley of desire… Velvet Lounge Project - How Far, How Long…… Jp-Juice - Space odysee…… ID3 Feat. Soundmouse - Window Seat…… De-Phazz - Plastic Love Memory (No. Nine)…… Al Rea - Flowers in the Desert… Jonas Lores - Bali (Original Mix)… Peace Orchestra - 10… Mo'Horizons - Princec Charles latest affair…… St. Germain - Montego Bay Spleen…… Paul Schwartz - Sviraj (Lullabye)… Schiller featuring Jael - Tried (one-album version)…… Pete Range - Aprils Promise… Gordon Geco - Eye in the sky… Cover:…