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My name is Guido van der Meulen, and married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen.
My love for Lounge Music started about 12 years ago, during a vacation on the island of Bali.
While I was there, I bought a Chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to...


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Title: Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0274 Island Sun (20170602)

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0182 Dream State (20150828)

August 17th, 2016

Hello dear friends,This one is more experimentalit has some real cool tracks in different flavors hidden inside.Experimental in flavors, beats / Rhythms..… Go to Episode

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0232 Jazz Lounge (20160812)

August 13th, 2016

Started this set with a new track by Quincy Ortiz and I had to keep on going..The set became very Jazzy.. I'm not complaining..I love it!!00:00 Intro… Go to Episode

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0181 Fire Belly (20150821)

August 10th, 2016

3:55 A.M..... Mood : JazzyWoke up from a crazy dream and I needed to release some stressWas thinking about the mood.. and I know right away, it had to… Go to Episode

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0231 Pink Elephant (20160805)

August 6th, 2016

This set got me in a tranceSo i'm not sure how you gonna take itBut I had such a great time creating it, I didn't want to hold it back for you my friends...… Go to Episode