Health Care Rounds


Health Care Rounds is a weekly podcast developed for health care leaders who are at the forefront of health care delivery and payment reform. Join Darwin Research Group founder and CEO John Marchica as he discusses the latest advancements in health care business news and policy developments. John Marchica is a veteran health care strategist and is leading ongoing research initiatives on health care delivery systems and value-based care.

At the table, John is joined by colleagues Jazmyn Ledford and Erica DeStories to cover emerging developments in the health care sector.

Produced and Edited by: Jazmyn Ledford and Erica DeStories.
Theme Music by: John Marchica.


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#99: Closing Gaps in Health Care with Debbie Welle-Powell

This week John speaks with Debbie Welle-Powell, Chief Population Health Officer at Essentia Health. They discuss what it means to be a value-based organization and what services bring value in terms of providing care. They also identify opportunities for bending the cost curve for future value-based contracts and recognizing the need for coordinated care. Debbie shares some of her experiences in managing provider value to patients as well as maintaining patient engagement. She also touches on the positive impacts of Telehealth during a time of a global pandemic.