Healthy Alternatives – Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, Ph.D


Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz is a pioneer in stress management and optimum health. He was teaching stress management techniques even before t“stress” was a word in our vocabulary. With his background as an attorney, having a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences and the author of eight books, he explores, with the best experts in the country, what you can do to reach your own highest level of health and wellness.


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Healthy Alternatives – The Positive Impact Of Meditation

Have you ever attempted to meditate and were unable to do it, have you thought about meditating and weren’t sure why you should do it? Join my guest Tom Von Deck, personal and workplace meditation trainer, as we give you your answers. We will explore the topic of meditation from the research that’s been done to the way you can … Read more about this episode...