Holistic Mentoring Combo: Transformational Stories Highlighting the Engineering of Joyful Lives and Successful Careers


To demonstrate the efficacy of their holistic mentoring methods, Hans Houtman and Francine Juhasz have composited hundreds of their most intriguing mentoring sessions into transformational stories of individual clients. Dramatically told with musical accents, uncannily entertaining and inspiring, each podcast is a poignant story of how a natal chart was key to detonating awareness, activating new behaviors and motivating people to deal with their issues holistically. Aimed at CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, employees, artists and anyone who really wants to evolve and get more joy out of life, these podcasts showcase the power and scope of this innovative mentoring combo that’s simply a cool combination…because it works!


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Title: #15 Transforming outdated notions of leadership

#17 Head-Dwellers (People stuck in their heads)

July 15th, 2019

An IT worker, lost in the information age and stuck in her head, reconnects with her heart and belly--and finds a better way of using her mind--through… Go to Episode

#16 Thriving in a toxic environment

July 15th, 2019

A portrayal of an activities director in a care community who, with the help of her natal chart, is shocked to find out she is in the wrong profession… Go to Episode

#15 Transforming outdated notions of leadership

July 15th, 2019

This podcast tells of a prominent CEO who, stuck in an inherited and outdated vision of leadership, finds he is living next door to himself and at war… Go to Episode

#14 Living apart together seen from the perspective of a natal chart can make for an excellent marriage

June 13th, 2016

Francine portrays the story of a retired lawyer who, with his marriage on the cliffs, learns from his natal chart some surprising news about his real… Go to Episode