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Hoot N Review is a pop culture podcast co-hosted by Jenna Duncan and Jared Duran. We talk about everything...and nothing. You know, books, movies, music--the things that matter.


Hoot N Review: A Pop Culture Discussion navigateright Episode

HnR 14 - The Action Episode

This time around, Jenna and Jared take their first audience-supplied topics, so the conversation revolves around a discussion of James Bond specifically and action films in general (thank you Tony Moschetti), James Franco and Chuck Klosterm (thank you Philip Haldiman), and Jared gets generally grumpy about something Marc Maron said on WTF. For recommendations and links to things we talk about on the show, visit our website: http://hootnwaddle.com/hootnreview Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hootnreview Twitter/Instagram: @hootnreview Email: [email protected]