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Hoot N Review is a pop culture podcast co-hosted by Jenna Duncan and Jared Duran. We talk about everything...and nothing. You know, books, movies, music--the things that matter.


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HnR 25 - The YouTube rabbit hole episode

On this, the 25th Hoot n Review, Jenna and Jared go down a YouTube rabbit hole, discuss something called a Ryan Egg(?), unboxing videos, the zen mission of Jeff Bridges, Roma, Jenna reveals she wants her own travel show, Jared discusses his music collecting habits in relation to Daniel Stern’s character in Diner, and much more. This episode highlights two videos that we’d like to give credit to, so here are the links: Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version (https://youtu.be/fsgWUq0fdKk) Tom Waits/Cookie Monster - Hell Broke Luce (https://bit.ly/1zPsEGQ) For recommendations and links to things we talk about on the show, visit our website: http://hootnwaddle.com/hootnreview Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hootnreview Twitter/Instagram: @hootnreview Email: [email protected] Support: https://www.patreon.com/hootnwaddle