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We tell stories about healthcare and behavioral health, veteran culture, and trauma-informed care. Our guest experts engage with policy issues around public programs and public benefits with an eye toward enhancing health security, economic security, and access to care. RSS Feed URL

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Title: Learn from a pro: How be an effective advocate

Is trauma contagious?

August 20th, 2020

It's known as "vicarious trauma." Social workers and others in the helping professions can start to see in themselves the symptoms of trauma they see… Go to Episode

Is this person resisting treatment - or showing symptoms of MST?

August 20th, 2020

Certain behaviors can tell a story of what may be otherwise left unsaid. Kelly Caroll, a clinical social worker who providers therapy to survivors of… Go to Episode

Parenting when you have a trauma history

August 20th, 2020

Trauma has ripple effects that go beyond the person who experienced it. Dr. Jonathan Goldner from Rush University Medical Center, discusses the complexities… Go to Episode

How VA hospitals accommodate female survivors of MST

August 20th, 2020

Medical care can present unique challenges for trauma survivors. Jenny Sitzer, the women veterans program manager at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, discusses… Go to Episode