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Dr. Laurie Marbas brings you the most inspiring stories of individuals conquering chronic disease, overcoming incredible obstacles, and the experts to help you find health. Changing health by changing the food we eat.


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Cancer and Plant-based Nutrition: Shireen Kassam | Healthy Human Revolution Podcast

More plant-based resources at Check out Shireen’s website here U.K. Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Dr. Shireen Kassam, is inspired by the healing powers of plant-based nutrition. Through the company she founded, Plant-Based Health Professionals, she teaches physicians the power of a plant-based diet. In this episode, Dr. Shireen Kassam shares her knowledge of cancer and how plant-based nutrition is the best option when trying to prevent, slow, or even reverse many types of cancer. Find more on Dr. Shireen Kassam at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 199