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The How to Start Living Show, hosted by Jeff Steinmann, features insights and interviews with people like you who have achieved more than just success in the traditional way; they've discovered how to live in a way that makes them feel good every day. (Formerly called the How to Quit Working Show)


How To Start Living Show (formerly How to Quit Working) navigateright Episode

The Zombies Are Coming....

Dr. David Powers is a lifestyle coach and an expert on Zombies! (Yes, like the walking dead). He started out doing clinical counseling and helping in the family business which was OK, but it wasn't giving him the life of freedom he really wanted. So, he decided to make a change in a BIG and VERY UNIQUE way.

He leveraged his passsion, interest and knowledge create a life of freedom. How? Well, you have to listen to find that out. He'll tell you as well as let you in on: 

  • How this life he created is making his kids' futures brighter
  • The most important thing he learned on this journey 
  • And, of course, how the hell he MONETIZED ZOMBIES!

If you think you don't have any knowledge that can be monetized or you think it's too bazaar or "out of the box" this show is for you. 

David works from his home, is there to home school his kids and spends 3 hours playing with them at lunch and take off for target practice with his dad on a whim (during the week) while others are in the office. 

He'll share all his secrets, including  on this episode of the How To Quit Working Show!