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How SMB Cope With the Challenge of Healthcare Costs

Join Michael and Robin as we discuss how health insurance costs businesses nearly $20,000 per employee, crushing the bottom lines of small businesses and putting a cap on wages that should be going up in the booming economy.

Chad DeFriece, a general manager at In-Line Packaging Systems Inc., a small North Charleston, SC manufacturing company, was sick of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his self-funded health plan while seeing very little management of cost through the normal healthcare delivery channels. Chad knew there had to be a better way to deliver quality healthcare to employees and decrease costs.

Chad reached out to Tom DiLiegro, President of Benefits Advisors of Charleston, who builds employee benefits plans using the principles of the Health Rosetta, an open-source blueprint for better benefits.

Working together, Chad and Tom are saving In-Line Packaging more than $200K in health spending. At the same time, Chad was able to increase employee incentives, rival with larger competitors (like Volvo and Boeing), decrease employer liability, and cover 100% of the cost of primary care. 

We will be discussing: 
the challenges faced by small business in providing health care for employeeswhat employees lose due to the cost of health careresources for business to respond to the challenge of health care costs