ILLUMINATE | shining a light on art, liturgy & worship Hosted by Stephen Proctor The landscape of modern worship in the Western Church is ever-evolving. Art is making a comeback & creativity is beginning to thrive in many forms & varied expressions. But at what point does it begin to feel like a show? Is there a line between inspiring engagement & consumeristic entertainment? Does form matter? Our sacred spaces have been consumed by technology & concert-style production. This has become a driving force in the emotion of our experiences. But there's a movement happening. Many churches are recovering & integrating ancient liturgies & sacramental practices into their modern worship services. As you can imagine, this is creating both exciting opportunities as well as challenging tensions that pastors & artists are trying to navigate. This movement serves as the backdrop for the ILLUMINATE podcast – formerly known ALT { art x liturgy x technology } In this space, I have honest conversations with fellow artists, liturgists, & pastors about their own journey through deconstruction. We'll talk about what their reconstructed faith looks like today. My hope is that as you listen to these stories, you'll be inspired & challenged to explore deeper & more meaningful expressions of worship, creativity, & spirituality. Welcome to ILLUMINATE. ____________________________________________ ILLUMINATE is hosted by Stephen Proctor, an experience designer, projection artist & visual liturgist who uses projection technology to illuminate sacred spaces. For more info, check out:


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Title: 2.3 | MAKOTO FUJIMURA, KEIKO & OSAMU YANAKA { the liturgy of tea }

2.8 | AUDREY ASSAD & BRADY TOOPS { the unholy trinity }

October 17th, 2018

Artists have a way of seeing the unseen. Especially what is unseen to majority of society. Audrey Assad & Brady Toops are two people who definitely see… Go to Episode

2.7 | MAKOTO FUJIMURA { culture care }

September 13th, 2018

Artist & author Makoto Fujimura illuminates the relationship between faith & art like no other person I've met. His artwork (based on an ancient Japanese… Go to Episode

2.6 | AARON NIEQUIST { the eternal current }

August 23rd, 2018

When it comes to leading worship, liturgist & writer Aaron Niequist likes to swim in the deep end. Coming from a small stream of evangelicalism, Aaron… Go to Episode

2.5 | DANIEL HENDERSON { lost & found }

August 8th, 2018

With Daniel Henderson, the craic is always 90. That's Irish for "pretty great." Over the last few years, Daniel has become one of my closest friends.… Go to Episode